About Us

Brazilstrat is a boutique consulting firm specializing in assisting growth companies with interest in the Brazilian market. Located in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, we serve clients who have a business model we believe stands a good chance of success in Brazil, and who operate in an area where we can add significant value through our own experience and network.

Why should your growth company have a Brazil strategy?

  • World’s 9th largest economy

  • Population of 210 million
  • High internet and smart phone penetration
  • Among the world’s largest social media populations, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and WhatsApp
  • Consumption focused culture
  • Competition held back by perceived but manageable barriers related to bureaucracy, tax system, labour legislation, and languages.
  • Growing startup ecosystem

Why Brazilstrat

Our international team has both inside knowledge of Brazilian business dynamics and the ability to see local challenges and particularities from a foreigner’s point of view. We focus on digital, asset light business models where a market entry/test can be carried out without large capital investments and without imported goods or employees on the ground. Our services include:

Our approach is stepwise, lean, and low-risk

Our aim is to make the Brazil entry process as lean and risk free as possible for our customers. We recommend beginning with a feasibility study where the goal is to confirm product/market fit in the Brazilian market, while at the same time recruiting early adaptors as initial customers/users. Assuming positive results from the feasibility study, we suggest continuing with an extended test, or “beta launch”, where we carry out operational and commercial activities that are possible without further commitment (i.e. establishment of a legal entity etc.).

Such activities can include translation and adaptation of digital interfaces, Brazilian social media management and influencer marketing campaigns, initial outreach to local customers, partners and employees, and further market research. The “beta launch” stage can be scaled up or down depending on results on a continuous basis.

The advantage of this approach is that investments associated with a proper launch, including the establishment of a legal entity, hiring of full-time employees etc., takes place only after high conviction has been reached through extensive, low-cost/low-commitment testing.

Are you considering a Brazil market entry for your growth company, or do you want to know more about Brazilstrat and our reference projects?

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